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Express of radio, film and television was founded in 1999, is a state-owned high-tech listed companies, main business covers smart financial, transportation, public security, government affairs for the convenience of new areas such as retail, and big brigade, dedicated to provide operational services for global customers, big data solutions as well as a variety of intelligent terminal equipment, is one of the artificial intelligence solution provider.


In 1989, guangzhou Wintop Technology Engineering Co., LTD, the predecessor of the company, was established. It was the first ATM equipment manufacturer in China.

In July 1999, the company was formally established.

In August 2007, the company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In June 2008, the company obtained the "Computer Information System Integration Level 1 qualification".

In December 2011, Amex ATM passed more than 2,200 tests and was awarded the "ATM System Certification in Germany" by the German Banking Commission.

In December 2012, a wholly-owned subsidiary, CiIC Rongtong, was established, and released a number of intelligent purifier and purification assembly line system solutions, marking the company's official entry into the field of cash clearing and purification.

In May 2015, Guangdian Yintong completed the acquisition of Yichang Golden Ox escort, which became a successful case of escort restructuring across the country.

In May 2016, it invested 166 million yuan to acquire 51% of the shares of Huitong Financial, a listed company on the New Third Board.

In May 2017, Guangzhou Pingyun Xiaoartisan Technology Co., LTD, a subsidiary of Guangdian Yin Tong, was established, and Guangdian Yin Tong officially entered the market of independent equipment service.


Its main businesses are in the following areas:

Intelligent finance

The company has ranked first in the ATM market in China for ten consecutive years, with nearly 300,000 financial intelligent terminal devices deployed. It also provides an electronic Treasury payment scheme for 60% of the government's fiscal funds, and accounts for 98% of the financial payment electronic application market. It established the first benchmark project of "unmanned bank" in China.

Intelligent Transportation field

The company's intelligent sales and check-in terminal products and system software platform has been applied to more than 100 subway, high-speed rail and airport flight routes in more than 30 cities in China. Cooperated with Baidu and Tencent to promote the scene innovation of "riding in code", "brushing face through gate", etc., and have realized batch application in many urban subways.

Intelligent security field

The company has set up more than a dozen cash outsourcing subsidiaries and more than 20 armed escort subsidiaries nationwide, forming the whole industry chain of cash security services, and actively expanding innovative businesses such as networked alarm operation and safe escort of valuables. Construction of Shenzhen Longgang Xuelang Project, intelligent Police cloud platform, Fuzhou Public Security Bureau face recognition big data platform, Qinghai Province, Shenzhen Mobile Police inspector system and other projects.

Intelligent and convenient areas

It has acquired and established 10 P-AOC(provincial-level call centers), nearly 1,000 service stations, and a network certification engineer team of more than 50,000 people. Its self-developed intelligent ticketing system software and terminal products have been applied to cultural tourism and other industries, and it has built projects such as Chielong Group, Guizhou Moutai Ancient Town and Jinyi Cinema Line.


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